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King's College Hospital diabetes renal service

Outpatient services for patients with diabetes and advanced kidney disease are provided jointly by consultants from the departments of diabetes and renal medicine.

Dr David Hopkins acts as liaison diabetologist for renal medicine and runs a weekly joint clinic with Dr Phin Kon for patients with established stage 3 and stage 4 nephropathy and for investigation of patients with rapid change in renal function or with uncertain diagnosis of proteinuria.

For patients with more advanced diabetic kidney disease there are multidisciplinary clinics held monthly within the renal outpatient service for patients on haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis and for the management of diabetes following renal transplantation. These clinics provide a one-stop service for patients including review by consultant diabetologist, nephrologist and diabetes and renal specialist nurses as appropriate.

Who Is the Service For?

The Renal Diabetes service is for the following:

1. Anyone with stage 4 (GFR 15-29) or 5 (GFR < 15) kidney disease

2.  Anyone with stage 3 (GFR 30-59) kidney disease and the following:

  • Rapid deterioration in renal function
  • Doubt about the cause of the kidney disease
  • Heavy proteinuria
  • Anaemia
  • Uncontrolled hypertension despite multiple agents

3. Anyone on renal replacement therapy (continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis) or following kidney/kidney-pancreas transplantation.

Patients with stable stage 3 kidney disease are seen in the general diabetes clinic.

Contacting the Service

Referrals can be made directly from primary and secondary care to:

Dr David Hopkins

Dept of Diabetic Medicine

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Denmark Hill, London SE5 9RS

Tel: 020 3299 1588, Fax: 020 3299 1730


Dr Sui Phin Kon

Renal Unit

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Denmark Hill, London SE5 9RS

Tel: 020 3299 6236, Fax: 020 3299 6472




Complications of diabetes

Complications of diabetes
Over time, diabetes can result in a number of complications which occur because of the effects of raised glucose levels on blood vessels.


The feet are an important site of complications in people with diabetes and so special care must be taken to keep the feet healthy and look out for early signs that problems may be developing.