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Guy's and St Thomas' diabetes preconception care

For women with diabetes, planning pregnancy so that diabetes is controlled prior to conception and during pregnancy reduces the risk of miscarriage and helps ensure that the baby will be healthy.

The Guy’s and St Thomas’ Diabetes Preconception Care Clinic provides education and advice regarding diabetes and pregnancy to women with diabetes in Lambeth. The service includes monitoring, medication review, rubella screening, and advice on smoking and alcohol.

Who Is the Service For?

The service is available to all women with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who are considering pregnancy now or in the future, and who live in Lambeth.

Contacting the Service

The service is provided weekly from the Diabetes Unit at St Thomas’ Hospital, Third Floor, Lambeth Wing, and on alternate weeks at the Diabetes Unit at Guy’s Hospital, Third Floor, Southwark Wing.

Clinics are held weekly on Wednesday mornings.

Referrals to the service are accepted from primary and secondary healthcare workers and by patient self-referral for Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital patients.

Contact the Diabetes Secretary/Administrator on 020 7188 1981 or 020 7188 1993.  Fax 020 7188 1991 (St Thomas' Hospital) or 020 7188 1926 (Guy's Hospital)



Pregnancy and diabetes

Pregnancy and diabetes
Women who have diabetes are advised to take special precautions before conception and during pregnancy to reduce the chance that their diabetes will cause harm to their baby, or to themselves.


Many people with diabetes take insulin to control their blood glucose levels. People with type 1 diabetes must take insulin every day. In type 2 diabetes, blood glucose can often be controlled by making changes in lifestyle, such as diet and weight loss