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3DFD project

What is 3DFD?

3 Dimensions For People with Diabetes (3DFD) is a pilot project provided by King's College Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust and collaborative organisations for residents of Southwark with difficult to control diabetes.

How can we help?

We recognise that it is often a challenge for people to manage their diabetes, especially if they have additional problems and worries to deal with. Our team provides support for people with diabetes in a range of practical areas (such as housing, debt, employment issues), as well as providing psychological support (such as counselling, family work and psychological therapies).

Who is this for?

 Residents of Southwark:

  • With poorly controlled diabetes for at least 6 months with HbA1c>9%



  • Who could benefit from psychological and/or social support

What are our objectives?


  • Improvement of glycaemic control in our patients
  • Improved access to preventative health care


  • Improvement in psychological functioning


  • Providing practical assistance to address social problems


  • The costs of the early intervention will be offset by reducing use of unscheduled care (includes out-of-hours general medical services; A & E admissions; walk-ins to diabetes centres)

Why are we doing this?

This project has been funded for one year by the prestigious NHS Regional Innovations Fund for London because it recognises that people with diabetes often have other problems that are worrying them and stopping them from focusing on their health. The project aims to enrol 200 patients and evaluate the service by February 2012.

What can patients expect?

3DFD patients can expect to receive a confidential, efficient service provided by highly qualified staff from participating organisations. This will be a unique opportunity for patients to have a consultation with the multidisciplinary team, who will work together to provide specialised advice and care.

Who are we?

The members of our team are:


  • Consultant Diabetologist (clinical lead): Dr Carol Gayle
  • Project worker, SouthwarkReach (social care): Ms Lauralee Pryce
  • Clinical Psychologist (individual and group therapies): Dr Nicola Archer
  • HearSay Trust (couple and family psychotherapist): Dr Kitty Morgan-Jones
  • Consultant Psychiatrist (project coordinator): Dr Khalida Ismail
  • Project Officer: Ms Oxana Brigden


How to access the 3DFD service

If you are a GP or health professional working with diabetes in Southwark:


Please complete the electronic referral form (currently unavailable) and send to oxana.brigden@nhs.net or fax to 020 3299 1730. To protect patient confidentiality please use your nhs.net email.


If you are a person with diabetes interested in using our service:


You can talk to us directly and we will advise you as to the next steps or ask your GP to refer you to 3DFD.

To find out more

Please contact the team to get advice on the referral process or if you have further questions about our service:


Tel: 020 7848 5231
Fax: 020 3299 1730
Email: oxana.brigden@nhs.net



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