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Leaflets for people with diabetes

Diabetes annual review checklist

Information sheet explaining the regular checks that should be carried out to reduce the risk of complications from your diabetes.

Diabetes UK leaflet - 15 healthcare essentials

Explains the the 15 essential checks and services that every person with diabetes should expect.

Diabetic retinopathy - the facts

National NHS leaflet that explains some of the changes that may occur, or have occured, in your eyes if you have diabetes. The leaflet explains what diabetic retinopathy is and why it is so important.

Eye screening for people with diabetes - the facts

National NHS information leaflet about screening for diabetic retinopathy, which explains the condition and the screening programme.

HbA1c - a blood test to check diabetes control

Information sheet explaining what the HbA1c blood test is, how it works, what it means and how often it should be done.

Insulin pump therapy - aiming for better blood glucose control in people with diabetes

Explains what insulin pump therapy is, why it may be needed, its benefits and disadvantages and what happens when you are referred to the insulin pump clinic.

Living with diabetes

Leaflet explaining this free programme to help people with the skills and confidence to manage their type 2 diabetes.

My health plan

Leaflet aiming to help you get the most out of your appointment by encouraging you to think of the things you'd like to discuss and what you want to get out of the appointment.

Understanding diabetes - your essential guide

A Diabetes UK booklet that aims to explain what diabetes is, how to manage it, possible long and short-term complications and frequently asked questions.
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Diabetes patient information pack

Diabetes patient information pack - a resource for patients to give patients an understanding of what care they should expect to receive to to signpost where and how they can receive this locally.