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Guy's And Tommy's Type One (GATTO)

GATTO (Guy’s And Tommy’s Type One) is a structured education programme for people with type 1 diabetes who receive care from the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust Diabetes Day Centre.

The course is delivered to groups of 6 to 8 people by a dedicated diabetes specialist nurse and a diabetes specialist dietitian. There are also sessions with a diabetes consultant and a psychotherapist.

What Will I Learn?

GATTO aims to provide skills to help people with type 1 diabetes:

  • Estimate carbohydrate at each meal and to inject the correct dose of insulin
  • Help to adjust insulin doses correctly to achieve better personal diabetes control
  • Have a more flexible lifestyle.

Other topics include management of hypoglycaemia, illness and exercise.

Who Is the Course For?

GATTO is designed for people who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for more than one year. Participants must be motivated to:

  • Attend the complete course
  • Monitor blood sugar levels at least 4 times each day before meals
  • Keep blood sugar and food diaries
  • Use a multiple injection regimen (insulin with each meal and background insulin, at least 4 injections each day)
  • Share knowledge and experience of living with diabetes in a small group setting.


Where Is the Course Held?

GATTO is held at the Diabetes and Endocrine Day Centre at St Thomas’ Hospital. The course is held three times each year, and runs for a whole day each week (9.15 am to 4.30 pm) over 4 weeks, currently on a Monday. Follow-up sessions run twice each year.

How Can I Find Out More?


Patients who receive their diabetes care from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Diabetes Day Centres can self-refer themselves via the GATTO administrator (details below), or be referred by a member of their diabetes team.

For more information about the GATTO programme contact:

Louise Hampton
GATTO Administrator
Diabetes and Endocrine Day Centre
3rd Floor, Lambeth Wing
St Thomas’ Hospital
London SE1 7EH
Tel: 020 7188 1993
Fax: 020 7188 1991
Email: louise.hampton@gstt.nhs.uk



Structured education courses

Structured education courses
Planned patient education programmes supporting learning in relation to certain key topics

Food choices

Food choices
Much of the dietary advice that is recommended for people with diabetes is similar to that for the rest of the population.