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In Lambeth, the DESMOND course is held monthly and is delivered to groups of up to 12 participants. The course lasts for six hours and normally runs across two days (over two three-hour sessions). All participants receive an information folder to support their learning after the course has ended.

Referrals and further information

For more information about the DESMOND programme in Lambeth, contact Rosarie Atkinson by email or by telephoning 020 7188 1962. Alternatively, diabetes healthcare professionals can provide a referral.


If you are a healthcare professional, you can refer patients to the DESMOND course in Lambeth using the DESMOND Lambeth Referral Form (in pdf format)


Download the DESMOND Lambeth course Flyer (in pdf format) 


Note these files are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format. If you have not installed and configured Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system, a free download is available from Adobe.

What people in Lambeth who attended DESMOND thought of the course

"I feel more in control now because of the information. I am no longer afraid of diabetes."


"the sessions were very interesting and informative and more people should make it a must to attend."


"Very good programme. Nice sized groups, nice building and lots of info. Keep up the good work!"


"I found the course very interesting and have gained knowledge of facts that I was not aware of. I now will aim to implement in my day-to-day living and self care of my diabetes."




Dietary advice for newly diagnosed

Dietary advice for newly diagnosed
Read our guide to healthy dietary choices for people who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes.