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Lambeth and Southwark diabetes network

Each local area needs a forum where NHS diabetes services can be discussed, taking into account all of the various viewpoints and requirements. The forum is called a Local Diabetes Network.


Lambeth and Southwark have a joint network where the following organisations are represented:



The network consists of GPs, practice nurses, district nurses, consultants, specialist nurses, dieticians, managers and others from these four organisations.


One key role of the network is to liaise with the various user/patient organisations in Lambeth and Southwark, to understand any difficulties with services and understand where improvements need to be made.


The network also develops plans to secure new funding for diabetes services, and all of the member organisations work together to ensure services are as “joined up” as possible. The Network is committed to the “One Team” approach, where all patients, organisations and staff members strive to see themselves as working as a single team, dedicated to providing the best care as close to patients/service users as possible.


The Network’s chairs are Lynda Jessopp, Assistant Director, Health & Well-Being / Long Term Conditions, Lambeth PCT and Joanna Guilar, Health Priorities Manager, Southwark PCT . Administrative support is provided by Jenny Jackson-Clark: email jenny.jackson-Clark@tiscali.co.uk



* A Primary Care Trust or PCT is the statutory NHS organisation that is responsible for ensuring that NHS services are provided to its local population. A PCT population is defined as all of the people registered with a General Practice in the area. In the case of Lambeth and  Southwark, the PCTs cover the same geographical area as the respective London Boroughs.



Eye screening service (DECS)

Eye screening service (DECS)
The Diabetic Eye Complications Screening Service (DECS) offers eye screening to detect sight threatening diabetic retinopathy.